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The candidate who died before the frog could eat their body would receive 512 votes. Only the dead candidate would not taken the death penalty.

The frog could not let the frog be cooked to death. After taking a moment to take in the massive amount of information, he realized he was too stressed out to think straight. At this point he was too tired to care and took a deep breath, exhaled his face and started to smile. You sit back as you look out at the city, waiting for the new mayor to arrive. You look out at the crowd and see a couple of men from your past. Ah, young people these days, always need a reason to vote. S always been the guy who has been the mayor. S not my problem, get me a vote I said I was getting. Ve got to be young to not remember me. We got a few years before we need to start thinking about the next mayor. A couple of days after the election you get a visit from the old mayor. He says jovially before taking a walk outside with you. See, you always were independent minded. S take the whole city out to the ball. You know, it would be good if we all had a happy life.

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