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Why do we need to hear this now. T need to be told until after all of this is over and done with. You say turning down the lights in the room and sitting down on a large leather couch. Brenda sitting with you on her leather couch and looking nervous at all of this. S been four years since I met your dad. Ve never been one for giving away secrets. T even tell you the whole story about the real reason why I moved here. S my fault for not being a better friend. T believe you never told me. S time you gave me a little something back. Brenda looks a little hesitant at your request, but then she laughs. Re not going to do this, at least get off your high horse and get off your high horse ass. Before you even open your mouth, your girlfriend speaks up. M done being your little high horse asshole. M done putting up with your passive aggressive nagging. M done waiting for you to do something.

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