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Endoftext The number of people registered on the electoral register for the first time has jumped by more than 10,000 since last year to 1,944,700, the Electoral Registration Office, ERO, said on Wednesday. Most of them are living in rural areas or in the East of England where the number of eligible voters has decreased in recent years. Although the number of new voters increased overall, the rise is largely in London where the number of people taking part in the EU referendum means they have more opportunity to register at the last minute. The ERO said it has been overwhelmed by requests for voter registration forms from both new and old members of the public, who have taken to the internet to find out exactly how they can vote. Among the many new voters who turned up at the register offices were many people who had lost their voting cards or whose cards were expiring. A spokesperson for the ERO said: We have seen a rise in applications to the registration office from electors who have been unable to show either their voting cards or their photo ID at the last election. It is a good thing for democracy that people who are unable to access the franchise have been able to register to vote and vote, but it also means that we are seeing a significant increase in requests from people whose photo ID is not sufficient to prove their identity. As the new year approaches we will continue to hear from those in society who have not registered to vote. We will also continue to work with those who are registered on the electoral register to ensure that they have the right to vote in the general election.

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