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Why cant you be like those two. Why cant you hide yourself away in a house or in a town where nobody knows who you are. You become a famous AuthorA Famous Author and Writer Who Cant Sell a Book do give you a chance to be remembered for a few more years, but the truth is your writing is mediocre at best and you dont think people will even want to read it so where would be the point. Why should you put yourself into a spotlight that your talents wouldnt be able to withstand. This decision is the most important one youve ever made as youve probably had more than enough exposure at this point. You head to the nearest bookstore and pick a book that youve wanted to read for a while and try to convince your mom to take it home for you, or more likely you will convince her to go to the park with you and read it at your house. You convince Your Mom to Take the Book HomeIts really no wonder why your mom is so fond of you, youre her only bright spark, you know that much, but you have to convince her to read your book. All you know is that its going to be really difficult, but you cant quit trying. You spend the next few hours convincing her to take your book home with her, but she still refuses, and in fact is rather annoyed about it. Even you are getting annoyed at some of these things, but as she keeps insisting, it doesnt matter right now. You try to Get Your Mom to Read It On her OwnYou know youve got to try something, you have to keep pushing forward and try again. The harder you push, the faster it goes, but its all the more reason to keep going. You decide to go to the park with your mom and she accepts this condition. The first time you do, you take her to the park where you promise to read the book for her. The second time you do, you tell her that shell have to read it with you. This will be the hardest condition yet of trying to get her to read your book. You start to lose your patience with your mom and start to say that she isnt reading it with you, and that she has to do it on her own. She replies, No, I can read it with you, I just dont want to, because Ive been reading this book by myself at home because Ive been so tired, Ive been working. And Im so sorry dad, but my time is really just not yet free right now to read over your shoulder or over the shoulder of this old man. Despite having a hard time listening to her, you still try to persuade her. Its ok, I understand you try to say, but your words.

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