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People Who Died in 2018This group includes both the well-known and the not-so-well-known. Most of these celebrities may not have played a major role in Hollywood history, but they were remembered nonetheless. The Best of the WorstAs we learned in the Top 50 Most Dead Celebrities of All Time article, there are a host of well-known names that arent actually dead in the traditional sense. However, all are sadly no longer with us. 50 People Who Died in 2018The list includes some celebrities that we havent had a lot of information about, so these deaths are all the more unusual in that regard. 50 Stars Who Died in 2018This list is made up of many of the same names, but they arent as well-known. 50 The 50 Most Deadly Stars of All TimeIts no surprise that a lot of well-known celebrities died in 2018. However, many of these celebrities are also among the most dangerous. 50 Most Deadly Stars of All TimeThese are the stars who died in 2018 that we didnt know about. 50 Most Dangerous Stars of All TimeThere are far worse things than dying. 50 Celebrities We Still Love in 2018There are plenty of celebrities whose deaths we can say were particularly unexpected. However, many of them died this year, and that makes them a little more well-known. 50 Most Wanted Celebrities of All TimeMany of these entertainers died in 2018, but that didnt stop them from becoming notorious in the tabloid sense. 50 Fictional Celebrities Who Died in 2018While actors may be the main focus of this list, not all celebrities were of the moviegoing type. These are just some of the fictional celebrities known to have been killed in 2018. 50 The Most Powerful Celebrities in HollywoodThere are many famous people in Hollywood. However, this list also includes directors and producers as well as various other celebrities. 50 The 50 Most Famous Star Wars CharactersThere were many great characters in The Star Wars movies. 50 Most Famous Animals in HollywoodHollywood is filled with all sorts of animals that people are familiar with. However, many of these animals will die famous. 50 Most Fatal Animals in HollywoodMany of these animals are animals that are known to be dangerous to humans. 50 Most Dangerous Animals in HollywoodThere are plenty of scary movies and movies based on scary situations. This is just a list of some of the most notorious scary movie killers. 50 Most Hated Animals in HollywoodThis list includes many movies that have people.

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what celebrities died in 2018