Real name: Henry Charles Albert David…

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Suddenly, the screen begins to flash red, and a cracking sound ensues. You freeze up in shock as you are greeted with a screen like something out of a horror movie. Tiny text appears and the screen turns black, as the voice begins to utter the words TURN OFF MACHINE. You ask, desperately hitting the reset button to bring it back to the start of the game. The screen turns back to the white, with a message like Sorry, it was not your choice to select the cheat code. You freeze up, not knowing what to do. You change the cheatsYou take the cheats off, and the black screen turns to white. The voice on the other end asks you to insert your pin code. You insert your pin code, as you wait for the machine to restart. After a few moments, the message flashes on the black screen before it turns to white. The machine begins to click, and you wait for it to restart, but it does not restart. You watch in silence as the screen turns white and the screen flashes TOTAL FAILURE. You tried to use the wrong cheat code. You quickly get up off of the floor. You take the cheats off, and the black screen turns to white.

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