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You dont care about all thisYoure no celebrity, fuck this, just make sure you dont have a death or funeral for any reason, thats it. You get yourself to a hospital, which is really the perfect thing to do since its your one and only chance for survival. You manage to sleep it off for a few hours and eventually give up and go back home. After a long day where you have to take the piss out of everyone else on the Internet about how youre going to have a lot more fun with your life, after a really long day where you had to go to a funeral where you had to find out that people died for fun and that you had to make sure you didnt die for fun, and after a really long day when your life is gone forever, you get yourself to the hospital because a really long day for you has finally come to an end. You dont know what the future holds, but at least here you have your fucking body. You never knew that you could have such feelings for a body. A body that someone once took away from you only to return it to you. Your last thoughts on the Internet are of how good the food is, and how good the clothes are. Youre not going to get any sleep tonight, if you just go to sleep youll be groggy in the morning and that would be even worse. No you dont, go home, I wont even call the cops if you leave now. No, you need to call the cops if youre going to do this. You sigh a sigh of frustration of being stuck in your own house and decide to just take matters into your own hands. You get yourself to a secluded area to contemplate what youre going to do next. You say letting out a sigh with a smile and head to your bedroom. You spend some extra time with you phone trying to contact your family and friends. You call your mother who answers right away. Mom, dont you think that if you need to call the cops or the fire department, you should do it now instead of staying up this late. You know shes too tired to even argue with you so you ask.

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real death photos of celebrities