Read on to check out the absolute meanest celebrities: Mike Myers…

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Read on to check out the absolute meanest celebrities: Mike Myers. When you first think Mike Myers, you probably dont immediately think he is a difficult person.

But once you actually have to listen to the stories he tells you will realize he s not a nice guy at all and he s a monster for what he does to women. Mike Myers is a monster for what he does to women. But the difference between men and women is that men get off on rape andor the murder of women, while women-get off on fucking men. So if you dont want to read about Mike Myers rape and murder and the other horrific stories that he is guilty of, you can skip this post and go right to the next one, which is also a compilation of the worst celebrity rape and murder storiesA man who was found in the water near the boardwalk in Long Beach on Friday afternoon has been identified as the 21-year-old man who was reported missing on Thursday. Hines, 21, of Los Angeles, was last seen at the Grand Sierra Hotel, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. An off-duty Long Beach police officer with the International Longshoremen Association went to the hotel on Friday afternoon to check on his well being, according to LAPD Lt. Upon his arrival on the scene, the officer reported that a man was floating near the boardwalk near the hotel, and he went to find him and his companions, according to LA Police Department Sgt. The officer was able to reach the group in the water, who told him they thought Hines was with them, Preciado said. Officers were able to locate the off-duty officer using his cell phone and gave him further guidance on where to look, and located Hines on the boardwalk along the ocean, Preciado said. Hines was taken to a hospital as a precaution for dehydration, and was pronounced dead at the hospital, he said.

He is an evil monster with a stomach disdain for certain types of people and for certain types of situations. His counseling is a fad that has nothing to do with reality or with his human existence. A person who thinks there can be an elevated state of being wherein you can be a god over the world is an idiot. If you dont believe it then try following his courses online.

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