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This day is a big one, Im pretty sure that most of the world knows and recognizes it. There are also some famous people that were born on March 28, such as Prince Harry, who happens on this day as well. It is also a really good day to be a parent as well, since there are some birthdays for April 1, so make sure to give your parents something to ring their bellies with. I hope you enjoyed this little list as much as I did making it. Year: 22Name: RistoTattoos: NoneBody Parts: NoneWhat is it about guys that makes them always think of a tattoo. Thats for you to find out, Theres no shame in not knowing what to get. You get an Eye TattooRists eyes are pretty, but theyre not an eyesore; they actually compliment his beautiful face. Get an eye tattoo of some of those big yellow eyes, just like Ristos. You get an Eye TattooAn eye tattoo. A friend of mine once told me about an eye tattoo that someone had on them, but it was all very abstract and she wasnt really sure if it was real or not, she just said that it couldnt hurt, but I know it can, so can I have one too. Get an Eye TattooThe first time you try it, you cant believe how much pain youre in as you wince in excruciating agony; it doesnt seem real and you dont feel anything. After a few more tries, you finally get an eye tattoo of the eyes. Afterwards, your friends are appalled by your gruesomely mutilated eyes and they make fun of you for it for the rest of the time they know you. Your parents are equally horrified and youre afraid that theyll disown you as a result of the incident, but you cant really worry about that now; youll get over it. Why the hell does Orange keep happening to you. But I dont buy it, I cant believe that Orange keeps happening to me. You have to get yourself a tattoo of a flower, Ill be back.

Article about Celebrities born on march 28

celebrities born on march 28