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You become a modelThis is too much fun. With a grin you begin putting on your makeup. And with your new name, you begin putting on the most provocative clothing and the most provocative way that you can imagine. Then you begin looking around at your new surroundings. Its almost like Ive come home, you say to yourself. I should be out there, you say to the heavens as you smile in victory. And for the first time, you realize that you arent ashamed of who you are, and you may have even gotten a little more outgoing in your new lifestyle. And so you begin modeling for the cameras and the advertisements. But youre not modeling for the people who truly matter. You arent modeling for the people who can use you. No, youre modeling for the people who can use you to make a little money off you. It is then you feel the weight of the world off of you and you cry. The next day, you go back to the house. All your new clothing is gone, as is your camera equipment and everything else you brought with you. You cry as you mourn the loss of your life once more. You are the first one in this family to actually be a straight A student so far, and you are about to break that record. Whats more, you are the only one in this family that has any interest in going to college, so your future is looking very promising. You decide to join the family business, a small bakery that has managed to stay independent for a long time, not too long after the new millennium started to take it downsizing. Youve got a little discount, in this economy, so its a nice deal for you even if it is a bit of a sacrifice on the part of your family. You havent been able to visit your friends in town very often, mostly due to your familys insistence on making sure that you go to school. They might still give you money, but they wont let you spend it on frivolities. But the new year is coming up, and you are very excited to see all of your friends again. After everyone falls asleep, you get up, making sure to tidy up your room as you go. You arent going to let yourself get depressed this year. After eating some of your favorite foods, you go downstairs to make sure that everyone is still asleep. As you are finishing up, you see that there are only a few of the older students still awake. You see Alex and a girl you dont know anywhere near him. You immediately walk over to the girl and see her.

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