‘Quite tongue-in-cheek’ Scarlett Moffatt describes new project

Scarlett Moffatt sobs after stranger attempts to kidnap her

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Scarlett Moffatt described herself as a “smuggler” when it comes to hotel breakfast as she set out to discover the different types of hotel guests in her brand-new project. The Gogglebox star told Express.co.uk how a new “tongue-in-cheek” experiment allowed her to observe people as if she were Sir David Attenborough.

Scarlett collaborated with Hampton by Hilton to uncover the five types of breakfast buffet behaviours unknowingly exhibited by Brits.

The five behaviours include the smuggler, the stacker, the investigator, the builder and the nester.

Discussing her findings during the experiment, Scarlett candidly admitted she falls under the “smuggler” category.

She said: “I always post on my social media about the fact that I’m always away for work, or I’m a hotel kinda girl.

“And for me, like, the biggest thing about hotels is breakfast, because it always feels like such a treat.

“So Hampton by Hilton started this wonderful, refreshed breakfast buffet, where it’s free.

“So I was like, ‘Of course, I want to get involved!’

“And I’m very inquisitive, and I always find it very fascinating how different people act when they sort of like their breakfast buffet behaviours.”

Scarlett went on: “So, yeah, when Hampton by Hilton approached me and said, ‘You want to get on board?’ I was like, ‘Yes’ because it’s all the things that I love.

“And it’s sort of quite tongue-in-cheek in the fact that it’s a bit David Attenborough-style, sort of watching people and how they react.

“But it’s nice because I think it’s something that everyone can relate to.

“Like, personally, I’m a smuggler. Like, I do like to take a little bread roll or a little croissant for the road.”

Speaking about her participation in the campaign ahead of her interview, Scarlett revealed: “The breakfast buffet is without a doubt one of the best bits of a trip away for me and at Hampton by Hilton hotels, it’s completely free – what more could you want!

“When it comes to the breakfast buffet, I’m a little bit of a ‘Smuggler’ and am known to sneak a croissant away with me to enjoy in the room with a cuppa later in the day.

“That said, I’m also guilty of being a ‘Stacker’ too, piling up delicious smoky bacon and hot waffles is literally my idea of heaven!

“I think we can all agree that a good night’s sleep followed by a hot brekkie sets us up for the day. Now pass me the pancakes!”

To celebrate Hampton by Hilton’s free hot breakfast included with every stay, Scarlett Moffatt has partnered with the brand to uncover the five types of breakfast buffet behaviours unknowingly exhibited by Brits. Find out more here.

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