Quintessential Hollywood wacko, nut-job, is a Canadian socialist and is known to hate …

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I told him I needed to get myself some money, and he thought I was crazy, and suggested that I sell the car or something. I had a boyfriend for about two years and then he broke up with me. S why I was living here in this trailer park. How do you even say THAT in American anyway. I was raised in a broken home, and then from there I just started hanging out in parks and similar locations. T go over too well, and now here I am. S certainly not the right way to think. You pause, and then shake your head. T been living up to my talent. You mean like in a real life way rather than a comic book way. What I mean is, what if I took all my talent and did something else. T involve being in a comic book and just live like a bum for instance. Ll help pay for you to get back on your feet, but you.

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