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The press loves to attack Hollywood and the Hollywood elites. While we are at it, why not attack some of the other elites that havent been accused of anything yet. You attack some of the other elites that havent been accused of anything yetThe CIA and the NSA arent named in this statement. That means that you can only attack them if you can show that they are supporting Donald Trump. You can start attacking the CIA first, because that is the one that is actually being accused by the American people of spying on them and supporting Donald Trump. And it isnt like the American people have much good to say about the CIA. Of course, you could also begin attacking the NSA, since there is more evidence that the NSA is spying on the American people and supporting Donald Trump. And you cant imagine that the American people would be too enthusiastic about that either. So, given that these are the possible targets, who would you attack first. You attack the CIA first, or NSA, You decide to pick an even higher-priority target. First of all, you have a good suspicion that they are the culprit. And as for the NSA, they are probably the only one within reach of the truth that will oppose Donald Trump. You decide to choose Hollywood as a target because Hollywood is the most influential entertainment industry in the world and it is the target of your other attacks. You also decided last month that if you were successful in your campaign against the media, then you would not start your attack on Hollywood until after the media had been defeated. You still think like that, although the media is now no longer a high priority. You are going to start attacking Hollywood now because you are confident that you can quickly conquer this industry. It has been a few months since you have been targeting the media. It is just that now, the media is no longer the target anymore. You have been using Hollywood as a distraction since before you started targeting the media. Hollywood is all that remains of the entertainment industry that the elites used to oppose you and the people like you. The first thing you do is go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and make your way up to the top of the steps where the famous stars are. You dont even bother getting off the steps. You are just going to keep walking until you have reached one of the most famous stars. Then you will be able to make a statement to all the other stars.

Article about Boycott hollywood celebrities

boycott hollywood celebrities