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But you know you cant hide your sexuality forever, so you decided to be out as much as possible. You go live out of the spotlightFor once, youre actually feeling brave enough to go live out of the spotlight. It seems like the more people that know about your gay status, the more of a positive effect it has on both you and your career. Youre just glad you can live your life without being harassed by the people who were homophobic to begin with. You dont have a problem with people calling you names as long as they dont get hateful or harassing, but they do often do. Still, you realize you probably had at least a few homophobic people in your life, but things are much better now. Its like youre finally able to shake off that old identity. It was just part of your life for so long. Now that youre no longer hiding who you are, you feel like you can live an easier life. You never thought that you would live your life like this, but then again you never thought that you would have this much freedom to do what you want in the first place. You dont know what you want to do with your life, but if it has to be in this circus, then you are willing to try just about anything. You arent going to let some stupid old man tell you otherwise. You leave townYou have to leave town, but you know you gotta do it as soon as you can. You head back downtown and walk into the circus tent where you see some of the locals watching various acts. You walk over to that one group of people and try to start up a conversation, but your attempts are ignored. Still, you find yourself wanting to leave as soon as possible. You walk out of there, and you see that the only place left is outside. You hear a loud noise and you start to panic. A loud thump is heard and you see one of the clowns falling down some stairs. He falls on top of a man who looks like hes in a really bad state. You get closer to see whats going on from the side. The man says while trying to sit up, but then just collapses again. You look around for help as clowns get mad at you for interfering, but nobody is there. You see three more clowns come out of the crowd.

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