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List of Problematic Celebrities Featured Here So Far Adam Lambert Amy Lee Amy Poehler Andrew Hussie Axl Rose Barbara Walters Benedict Cumberbatch. Taylor Swift Amy Poehler Many celebrities cause controversy, simply by nature of their fame but.

Some of them are bad even by their own standards. Some people just dont grow on the tree of success. Some just like to pretend to be nice because they dont know what the real world teaches. They want for self respect to be something other than important. They are people who would rather be watched by their adults than. 13 Comments Comment on this, Thursday, August 19th, 20185:46 pmI am sorry for this thread not making it back to the top, Ill try to make it back up soon, hope you find the information here helpfulA quick overview of the facts:The movie The Equalizer with Paul Walker had a stunt where a guys face was sliced clean through. The guy said he went to a hospital and the doctors thought he had a brain aneurysm and put a stent in his skull. Dwayne Johnson was on the set of another movie with a stunt like that and he also claimed he had a brain aneurysm and needed surgery. The doctors said no so he went to the hospital and the doctor saw the cut and said there is no bleeding so this is not an issue. Im assuming the guys claim to have a brain aneurysm is because they got to the hospital the same time as Paul Walker. The difference was Dwayne Johnson didnt say he had a brain aneurysm. They both went to the hospital right after the movie was done. He said he didnt experience any pain or any issues while the doctor said he could have some issues with the pressure. When they were both there they both had the stents placed in their skulls. The difference is Paul Walker did not say he had a brain aneurysm. The doctors at the time believed he had a brain aneurysm but it wasnt confirmed until later on. He had the stents put in to relieve the pressure.

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