Princess Kate wore a Solace London greenscreen dress to Earthshot in Boston

The Earthshot Awards were held Friday night in Boston. After all of those unhinged previews and promises to be keen, this marked the end of Prince William and Kate’s unsuccessful Boston trip. They wanted to be feted, respected and headline-grabbing. They once again went overseas and stumbled from one catastrophe to the next, and the only times they were the main story in their domestic press was when they were being booed at the Celtics game or when William’s godmother was outed as a racist a–hole.

Fashion notes: Kate wore a “rented” dress from Solace London. Apparently, the Palace is making a big deal about how she didn’t buy this dress, she rented it from HURR. Nevermind the fact that Kate did buy a dozen new pieces for this three-day trip, but sure, “sustainability.” The dress is too tight, in my opinion, and it’s basically just a greenscreen. Have fun with that! She also wore an emerald-and-diamond choker which was Princess Diana’s, although I think it’s part of the Royal Collection. Kate and Camilla really looted the Royal Collection as soon as QEII died, huh? Kate’s earrings are from Asprey.

Can we talk about the scheduling for a second? There’s a reason why most American awards shows are scheduled for Sunday evenings – because you want the awards to be a big story on Monday and throughout the work week. Scheduling something “big” on Friday is generally a bad idea in America because no one pays attention to the newscycle (or gossip cycle) on Saturday. Now, it’s different in the UK – the royals will do something on a Friday because they want it to be in the weekend newspapers (Sunday paper coverage is the “most important”). I’m just saying, Earthshot was still being done with William’s domestic audience in mind, and this mess won’t even air in the US until December 14th (lol) on PBS (lol).

Will and Kate are just so bad at looking like a happily married couple. Their awkward body language always reads like “coworkers who slept together once a decade ago and the sex was awful.”

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