Prince William will be enraged that The Crown filmed close to Kensington Palace

More than a week ago in London, The Crown was filming in Kensington Gardens. The scene was ripped from history: Princess Diana arriving at an event in 1994, the same night her estranged husband’s Jonathan Dimbley interview aired. Diana knew that Charles was admitting to the affair with then-Camilla Parker Bowles, and she decided to wear a slinky black cocktail dress to the Kensington Gardens event. She was all legs and bare shoulders and the British papers had a field day. Here’s a photo of Elizabeth Debicki-as-Diana in the revenge dress.

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As I said, they filmed this more than a week ago. The photos were all over the British media in particular. That’s been constant, especially now that the Crown is filming stuff with Diana storylines. It’s also not a surprise that the Crown managed to rent out real locations for the shoot – Netflix and the Crown has used many historic and royal-adjacent UK buildings and locations as stand-ins for royal palaces and whatnot. Obviously, Netflix has the money to rent out space at Kensington Gardens to stage the infamous scene of Diana exiting her car in the famous “revenge dress.” So I guess the Daily Mail and the Sun wanted to run the photos again, because they created a story about how rude and terrible it was that The Crown filmed “only 800 yards” from Prince William’s public housing in Kensington Palace.

Prince William faced another blow from the makers of The Crown last night as it emerged they filmed the controversial Princess Diana revenge dress scene only 800 yards from his Kensington Palace bedroom. The Netflix series recreated the evening Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, stepped out in an off the shoulder, tight black dress in a break with royal protocol after Prince Charles admitted to adultery on television.

The scene was filmed in the same spot in Kensington Gardens that Diana arrived at a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994 – a position that can almost be viewed from Prince William’s bedroom and is only 800 yards away, the Sun reported.

Industry insiders have claimed William will be ‘enraged’ by the decision. ‘They could have chosen any location to recreate the scene, but they opted to select a spot which can almost be viewed by William from his bedroom window.’

The high-profile fifth series of The Crown is set to feature controversial issues such as the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the fallout from Diana’s death and and entire episode dedicated to Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Diana.

The source added: ‘Just imagine if he had seen. There’s also likely to be questions asked about how any permission was given to use a royal park to film a drama which the Royal Family has been so deeply unhappy about. But even more bewildering is the fact The Crown was allowed to film in a park which is also the home of Prince William.’

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Imagine Prince William being mad that a Netflix show rented out space near the Serpentine Gallery to recreate a night in which his mother bravely showed up her adulterous, estranged husband? This ain’t it. I mean, I have no doubt that William was engorged with rage. He grows incandescent with rage over a stiff wind, so of course Willy was probably big mad. But… who cares? Unless William is going to show some initiative and try to throw his weight around and somehow deny The Crown any permits to film, he should probably just shut his mouth. “…They opted to select a spot which can almost be viewed by William from his bedroom window…” I doubt he was even home at Kensington Palace. He was probably at his mistress’s house.

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