Prince William made a surprise trip to Belfast to discuss (what else) mental health

Prince William went on a “surprise trip” to Northern Ireland on Wednesday. The royals always have to make their trips a “surprise” whenever they’re traveling to Northern Ireland. Even decades after the Good Friday Agreement, the Windsors are still edgy about spending much time in Northern Ireland or allowing details of their trips to be published ahead of time. William went to Belfast for some events at the Police College and a local fire and rescue service. The topics were mental health, the pandemic and emergency services. William briefly wore a mask at one point, but for the most part, he just sat or stood six feet away from people for these conversations.

Since this was a surprise trip, there was not a media contingent on the ground to meet William. I’m assuming that’s why the details of the trip are the same in every outlet, and why the photos are the same too. Kensington Palace really approved all of the photos and sent them out with a press release, and most media outlets just published that sh-t as is. You can read People’s coverage here, if you’re so inclined (it put me to sleep).

I wasn’t going to cover this because A) it’s super-boring, B) it’s so boring that even Daily Mail readers didn’t care enough about it to make it a top-read and C) the entire trip was designed to remind people that William was an “air ambulance pilot” and that he says “mental health” a lot. But then I looked at the photos which – remember – the palace approved and authorized. The British media really ran the hot ginger prince out of the country, huh? When I first saw these pics yesterday, I was genuinely surprised by how much he suddenly resembles Prince Albert of Monaco, a man 24 years older than him. I’d also like to admit that I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in 2020 too. Sh-t, am I ageing this badly??

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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