Prince Harry has no intention to attend Charless coronation if Camilla is queen

We all know that the British media likes to look ahead and freak out about stuff which is months, perhaps even years down the road. But this story just feels like particularly bad royal karma, in addition to falling under the “We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Come To It” category. So, when Queen Elizabeth II passes, Prince Charles automatically becomes King Charles. But months after QEII’s passing, there will be a large coronation at Westminster Abbey, where all of the royal family will gather in all of their finery, tiaras and jewels. There, Camilla will be crowned as Queen Consort and likely wear the Queen Mary’s Crown. Now Private Eye reports (via the Daily Beast) that Harry is already planning to NOT attend his father’s coronation… because Camilla will be crowned Queen Consort.

While all the current focus may be on whether or not Prince Harry will make it back home for the celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee this summer, a new “red line” has emerged: Harry may refuse to attend his father’s eventual coronation as king if “Queen Camilla” is anointed next to him.

It is customary for a new king and queen to be anointed and crowned in a joint ceremony, and given that Charles is known to have longed for many years for his wife to be made queen—a wish recently granted by the current monarch—it seems unlikely he would agree to a watering-down of her status by holding a separate coronation for her.

The revelation emerged in the British satirical magazine Private Eye. Although the publication is famous for its mock news articles and comedic covers, it also has a stellar reputation for investigative journalism and insider gossip.

The report in Private Eye, which is not available in full online, said: “One red line has recently emerged, however. Harry has no intention of attending his father’s coronation if Camilla is to be anointed and crowned just a few feet from where his mother’s coffin lay in Westminster Abbey.

“[The queen] may have given her blessing to Camilla becoming queen consort, but Harry refuses to bend.”

[From The Daily Beast]

The way I see it going down is that Harry – and possibly Meghan – will make the journey for QEII’s funeral no matter what. Then, months later, I doubt they would return for the coronation. But that’s less to do with Queen Consort Camilla and more to do with QEII being one of Harry’s last emotional ties to that dreadful island. That being said, I suspect that Charles will move heaven and earth to get Harry at his coronation, just because it will look terrible if the new king can’t even get one of his two sons to come for it. But as I said, it’s just bad karma or bad juju to even talk about this sh-t.

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