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Re going to have a real hard time explaining this to her. Okay, well what about all those other guys that have tried to hook up with you. Do they look anything like a pornstar to you. S the obvious ones like that other girl I took to prom. Well they just look like regular guys. Re not regular guys you assclown. Ve seen guys with beards longer than my arm hair, big muscles, a big chub and a shaved nut sack. Re into those hot blonde blowjob whores from that redneck strip club. Yeah, well what about the other guy I took to a prom. T want to hear any more of your excuses. Galton finishes her rant to the kids and looks at you. T want to hear about any of your excuses. M not interested in any of those guys. Re not looking like some porno stars. M pretty sure that she looks like the girl from that one movie where the lead was always picking his nose.

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pornstars that look like celebrities