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What do you give a young celeb that they will make a fortune doing. The first time I was here, I saw two huge pillars and a high church like roof. I saw the door in the background was a solid wood one and in the middle there was a doorway with a second door next to it, but it was not solid wood. Instead it looked like wood with a metal frame. I figured since it looked like it might be boarded up, I was going to need a crowbar to open it. What happened to not trying to pry open solid wood doors. I guess I should have just gone in, found the room and made quick work of the problem. Now Im wondering if I should have just gone in earlier and done a thorough search without bothering to look around more. I was trying to be so sneaky, but now Im wondering if my paranoia got the better of me. What Im trying to say is, I want to be careful when I go in there and not get myself into a situation that I wouldnt be able to get out of. Should I make myself less cautious when this place is the location of a ritual. Thanks for any suggestions you can give. You make yourself more adventurousWell if itll make me feel better, Ill let you in on a secret: Its not a good thing to be too timid with a necromancer.

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