Political figures One major group to be targeted are the Mexican-Americans who call …

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Thats quite a lot of political figures to kill. However Im going to take the good with the bad now. So lets start with some good news. Its time that we ALL start living our best lives. Weve got the technology and the means to do so. Youre so focused on living in the past so much. I remember your parents telling me that one of the reasons why you were so focused on the past, was because you didnt want to change too much. The past has been your familys home since you left it long ago. In your home you raised your family with all the tools that you now possess. Your house was a good hiding place from the world. From your hiding spot you were able to do your best work. You probably couldve done better had the world been different. So you could still accomplish great things were you to stop living in the past, but then why bother. If you just stopped going through the motions, life would still work for you. The point is just to make it easy and natural for you to go through the motions. Why is it so important to you to live in the past. Life itself doesnt really need you to be a slave to the past. The past is your past and you cant change that. As Ive said before,Lets stop living in the past. Lets all leave the past behind, and move on to the future. You just ignore the pastWhat difference does it make to you. It doesnt really mean anything, its just the way life is. The past is like one of your favorite songs. Theyre all you need, you dont need to listen to anything else or to other music. You could get along fine even without being on good terms with your sister. You could go even better though if you actually listened to her music. You really think you could do better if you just spent more time with her.

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