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Your browser does not support the video tag. As a proud American Im surprised that some of the people I grew up loving and looking up to arent celebrating a lot more. If youre a patriotic American I think you should be proud of that fact to some degree. Theres lots more things that people dont know about the immigrants of this country, but I think you should spend your time there and get to know them a little better. Since your first job is coming up next, I believe Ill need some of your other skills. I need you to do some work for me, preferably at the same time as your job as a lawyer. You study ChineseYou decide to learn more about your heritage and start learning the language. You go to the library, but unfortunately its not a real language library so you have to actually do research to find the stuff youre looking for. You do find some stuff, but even though you read a lot you dont understand much of what youre reading. You learn a few new words, but you dont feel like you understand them so much as just having a general understanding of where to look for information. Your first course is Chinese history, specifically the Qin Dynasty. You really dont feel like studying for this for a few reasons, one of them being youre really not too keen about learning about the country for no reason. Another being that you just dont feel like it. Your second course is a history of various parts of the world. You spend a lot of time trying to understand what it means to the different people, especially Europeans Youve really gotten into this since the first time you studied history of the Qin Dynasty, but it isnt much fun. Your third course is a course on Chinese culture. You do learn a few new phrases, but it still doesnt make studying fun. As far as learning about Chinese culture goes, its not something youre really interested in pursuing again, but then you have to start somewhere. Your fourth course is your first one related to your career. Youre not very excited about this one; youve actually been getting a little bored with legal studies. Still, you have to start somewhere so you take this course. You find this boring as well, but then you learn a lot about the history of the United States and how the laws of various states and the U. This will definitely make it easier to relate to the people you work with and also give you more insight into the ways things worked back in the day. Of course you already knew all that stuff, but it seems like that was more useful information when you were studying about the past.

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