Pleeeease welcome to the stage: Jelena, Destiny and Christopher…

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Ll see which ones belong to which category. You stop your performance for a moment of silence for the passing of Whitney Houston on Saturday. After a few moments, you take Jelena on stage to perform a song. S a song written for her by a young fan. S a song about her mom and her sister. Re both very emotional and feel really good afterward. As the performance concludes, Jelena gets on the elevator and heads to her hotel. Jelena, you never called me last Saturday night. I thought you were going to go to the concert with my friend Destiny. You call Destiny and Christopher and they both call you back. The two of them are both really excited to see you. After exchanging pleasantries, the three of you rush back to school hoping to make it on time. You get there way too early, which causes an argument between you and Jelena. Is it really that important that we get to school early. You say that now, but you said you still wanted to see you and Destiny today. S fair if some other girl gets to see you first. M not some fuck toy for your entertainment. T have to talk like that, but you need to have a little maturity about you.

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