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From Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adele, these moms have been open about their experiences, suffering, from Postpartum Depression. Depression Postpartum Depression You stay at homeYou dont actually like women that much, and you dont mind not having any to hang out with most of the time. You realize now that if something were to happen to you, your life wouldnt be bad. You would be sad, but at least you could continue to exist. You dont want to go to that party just yet, but you do need to get to your friends house. As the night wears on, its becoming impossible to walk around the block without tripping over a girl. You can see Sarah Michelle Gellars house from your driveway and youre pretty sure youre going to run into her. You walk up the street, and as the moon rises in the night sky and its starting to get really late, you try to remember a memory where you were with someone who made you feel that much better. You go back to the first time you met the girl. You were in a restaurant looking at pictures on a computer. You were in your room looking through a dresser when a voice on the other side of the line made you freeze. It made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This girl must have been so lonely that she had made herself this happy and you heard her so she could hear you. After youd hung up, you heard the voice again. You see Sarah Michelle GellarYou walk into your front door and open the door with out looking at yourself in the reflection in the glass door. You knock on the door a couple of times and ask if Sarah Michelle Gellar is at her house, but her voice is too high pitched for you to really understand. The door is open and you can see a long blond hair flowing down to the floor from the window of the front door. You walk toward the front door and you see a dark-brown car parked in the driveway. You walk past the door and see the car. The drivers door has been left open and the back seat appears to be empty.

This article about Celebrities with postpartum depression

celebrities with postpartum depression