Playboy got hip to the value of naked famous ladies…

This information about Celebrities who have posed for playboy

Playboy got hip to the value of naked famous ladies. From toughitoutatopcity 21via rmetacanada sent 21 minutes ago LOL what a joke. I dont live in Canada i live in the US and I fucking see Playboy in BOTH of them. To toughitoutatopcity Whats the point of posting such an offensive post under a metacanada thread when the original poster doesnt even live here. You make a note to take a look at the site later. You think you may have overdone it when you start playing with your phone, but you dont have a better idea. You check with the other two before you leave, but since you need them both to stay on your side you leave it at the computer and have some fun with your phone while the girls wait outside. You can see that once again all three of them are still pretty hung over as you were back at the party. Im going for a walk, you say to the one next to you. Dont worry, youll be fine, you say. Were not allowed outside until we do this. Youre not going to take us to some stupid carnival theme park are you. You decide not to comment on that remark, but you do say, I just want to go for a walk. I dont need to worry about driving here or there. Do you really think you wont run into anyone while thats the case. Well, Im not going to look for trouble, you say defensively, but who knows. The two of you head home, and the one in the back calls out to the one in front, but she doesnt reply, since shes got a hangover and she keeps to herself. Its kind of depressing, but you get the impression that shes going to be fine. When you get home, you start checking the rest of your stuff. You dont really need to use your phone anymore since its basically useless without the internet anymore, and you figure it was mostly just for the sake of using your computer at the party.

Information about Celebrities who have posed for playboy

celebrities who have posed for playboy