Pizza Vending Machine Rolls Out in Rome, Some Italians Offended

Italians now have an option for who makes their most beloved food — their favorite neighborhood pizzaiolo or … a machine!!! Yeah, some folks ain’t happy about option dua.

A company called “Mr. Go Pizza” rolled out pizza vending machines Thursday in Rome — offering 4 kinds of pie which take just 3 minutes to make, and cost as little as $5. The machine kneads the dough, puts on toppings and bakes … all in a small glass window, so customers can see the magic.

Well, as you can imagine, in Italy … not everyone thinks it’s magic. A couple early reviews: “Acceptable” if you’re in a hurry, while a student from Naples (birthplace of pizza) said it tastes like a bread wrap.

Look, it’s one thing if machines/robots wanna take over the world — we all kind of expect that — but can’t we keep A.I. out of our pizzas???

No word on Mr. Go Pizza’s expansion plans, but if it’s in Italy today, can Brooklyn, the Jersey Shore and Chicago be far behind?

Show your local pizza shop some love today … while you can.

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