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You press down on your phone, hoping that it will find an option to send a message. After a few seconds, you see a green button appear on your screen; you should press that. Your eyes widen as you see the options. You press the button, and are hit with a series of messages. D even believe you, but there is a way to tell them all anyway. You say A friend of mine has told me all this, and I feel like telling you all this. T, so I only gave you my word to keep it to yourself. So you have until the next time I see you. Re reluctant to say this, but if you say such a thing now it will really cause a scene on the plane. A little more thought and you feel like you could convince them of things though. If they really were that important and you knew so much about them, you could do a lot more good if you told them. So you decide to say: That other friend of mine has told me a lot of information about you. Ve done, where you live, where you go to school, where you hang out and where your parents live. Re some form of cyborg or robot; someone created you for the sole purpose of stealing the body of some famous celebrity and having you do their bidding. Not all cyborgs have some sort of conscience, you know. You get a very positive response, and the two of you laugh like friends for the rest of the flight.

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