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The magnificent Zionists still praise the Zionist leadership, despite the loss of Yitzhak. You dont careYou dont care about how stupid, arrogant, and ignorant the people in the pictures are. You have no idea about how stupid you sound and how much you actually do know about how stupid, arrogant and ignorant the people in the pictures are. You are a Jew and you are an American and you are sick and tired that the Zionists and the American Jews are conspiring together to make America the Jewish state. You leave the room You leave the roomYou enter your front room. You go to the living room You enter your front room. You hear the voice of your wife as you are sitting on your couch. You listen to the sounds of the children playing in the back of the house. A loud sound is heard in your living room and its a big one. No, the noise is not from a plane crashing into the house or the destruction of the planet or the destruction of freedom. You run to the window You run to the window As you run to the window. You stand outside the window and watch as the glass shatters and all the glass in your house crumbles to dust. You sit down You sit down You know you cant stay here, you need to run and seek safety. You sit down on the sofa and stare at the shattered glass in front of you. You answer the phone and speak into the phone. You answer Hello You answer HelloHello You hang up on the phone. You turn off the phone, and then you sit down. You take a deep breath You take a deep breath.

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