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S gone on to gain more than 250 plus million copies in the U. COLOR You keep goingThere arent as many celebrities to look at, but that means you can spend more time looking at some of them. The first image you see is of a black man dressed in a suit and tie, smiling and holding a baby. He looks older than you remember. His name is Fredrick Douglass, and he was a great American journalist. He wrote two books that gave voice to the slaves in the South: The Clansman: A Narrative of Slavery in the Antebellum South in 1885, and The Free Negro: A Record of the Making of a Revolution in 1890. Both books were important in changing the way that people saw the human condition and challenging assumptions about the equality of the races. The next image is of another black man with long hair dressed in a suit and tie. He looks younger than you remember. His name is William Lloyd Garrison, and he was a famous abolitionist, speaker, publisher, and literary critic. He wrote numerous books, including The Liberator in 1845, which was read around the world and greatly influenced the American abolitionists. He was also an abolitionist minister, who delivered several important sermons advocating the abolition of slavery. He was executed in 1837 for his role in a plot to force the arrest of President James K. Polk, who had ignored the Fugitive Slave Law. The third image is of a woman dressed in a white dress. She wears a veil over her face, but she is clearly a woman, and clearly is a slave. She was a legendary poet in her time, and most writers would admire her work. Emily Dickinsons popularity has waned in modern times, mostly due to her misogyny. Her poems are often sexist, racist and homophobic. However, many people feel that her best work still exists in her later poetry. She did have an extremely strong libertarian streak and was an intellectual, so that might have contributed to the decline in her popularity. The next image shows a man dressed in a suit, and holding his shirt open open with his left hand. His name is Howard Zinn, and he is a progressive historian and activist. He is best known for his books A Peoples History of the United States and A Peoples History of the United States in Colour.

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picture of celebrities dead