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The FBI has confirmed that two of its agents were shot while responding to a disturbance call in Oklahoma City, Kansas Wednesday morning. One of the agents is still in hospital in critical condition. The FBI says in a statement that agents responded to a disturbance call near an apartment complex. Shortly after 12:00 am the agents responded to a separate call where two suspects were allegedly shooting at vehicles leaving the crime scene. During the course of that shooting the agents returned fire striking the suspects. The FBI is still investigating the exact circumstances of the shooting. Agents are on the scene to question anyone who could have pertinent information about the shooting. The FBI will provide additional details as the situation develops. Ive said it over and over: youre welcome to subscribe, if you like, but Im not going to force anything on you. If you dont like it, dont watch, dont vote, and dont subscribe. As for you, you can stop reading right now. You can stop reading the comments, and the sub or the article. If you really want me to write about some awful thing you just said, then just block me and Ill go away. Youre allowing yourself to read a piece about how my brutal politics might be making you feel uncomfortable, while watching me be kind and sweet and funny while talking about some other topic. Im a pretty good judge of character when it comes to other people. Well, because its a topic that Ive had conversations about in the past with other women, and now that people are paying attention to the rape shield issue and the fact that my first impression of someone is the quality of their writing, I guess I should make it more explicit. Its a problem in our society to believe that people come in only two shapes: Victim and Predator. Im pretty sure some people think that the person whos the Victim is always the one being victimized.

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