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Magazines have always been in the business of crafting celebrity appearances. Even before Photoshop existed in 1988, the magazine industry.

Now there is no point discussing photoshop. There are so many different sites which make the same claims as photoshop. What really counts is, you, the viewer, the user, the consumer, and the person you are. There is no such thing as photoshopped. It is the user, not the photographer, who makes the claim. And we, the viewer, are the ones who decide what is photoshopped. We, ourselves, decide whether a photo is photoshopped or not. We, ourselves, the viewer, the people, decide what is and isnt photoshopped. You, the photographer, have no say. User Info: Pupulee Pupulee 4 years ago 3 I know, but thats what Im saying. And I dont think its necessarily the photographer that has the final say on what is or isnt photoshopped. Its like when you get a picture of your child with their face obviously blurred out or you get one of your friends kissing someone on the other cheek. What Im saying is you should know that all of those pictures, whether the picture is of the child or the other friend, ARE taken by the same person. That person can tell you its photoshopped but it might just be the editing you see in the photo of your child with their face blurred out. User Info: TheBane TheBane 4 years ago 4 Pupulee posted. I know, but thats what Im saying. Im not sure I agree with you there. I mean, the person that took. photoshopped celebrities

In the early sixties and nostalgia was a big deal, so you had to make your way through that. But today photoshop has been developed to photoshop anything. I can t help but think its because all the artists of the world are in the business of doing this photoshopping. They reartists, and I aman artist, I dont make art, and I dont makeart, I make, I design, and I modify photoshop. Photoshop is a computer program, and I can modify it. I can make photos look real, I can make the art better than what you can make using the computer. I can make them look like beautiful pictures, I can make them look original, I can make them look real, I can make them look important, I can make them look informative. I can make them look funny or cool, they are, and that is, and that is, they are, that is, and that is, and that is, and that is, and that is, and that is. There are, there are, there are,there are,there are,Photoshop is a computer program that allows you to: change, rearrange, and add elements of an image. It is a programming language used to create images, and is often used to create logos and computer graphic elements. There are many applications for Photoshop, some of which are free, and some of which can be purchased for a small fee. This tutorial is made with Photoshop CS2. Photoshop was the first photo editing program to be released by Adobe Systems, Inc. In March of 1997, it was released in a free open source operating system (OS), called, and which was also known as the. Photoshop has come a long way since its inception and has received much attention from the computer graphic community and computer users. This was one of my first Secret Santa gifts that I received, and my first ever exchange experience!. I love the new Star Wars movie, and Ive been wanting to see it since they came out. (Even before that, Id seen the movies and just liked the costumes, but the story is what got me). I was very excited to see this in the mail today!. photoshopped celebrities

photoshopped celebrities