Phillip Schofields hands were shaking throughout bombshell interview

Phillip Schofield has spoken publicly about his affair with a much younger colleague at This Morning, for the first time in an interview with the BBC.

During the interview which is just under 45 minutes long, Phillip was visibly emotional and as he talked about his version of events, his hands could be seen shaking.

Phillip has done the interview to apparently tell his version of the story and publicly apologise, but it was clear that the star is struggling with his mental health.

Throughout the interview, 61 year old Phillip had a strong grip on a small green vape which, according to the BBC, he took long drags from, before and after filming the interview.

In the interview, Phillip was honest about his current mental state as he spoke about the ongoing issues, saying: "If you don’t think that that is going to have the most catastrophic effect on someone’s mind… do you want me to die?

"Because that’s where I am."

He also paid tribute to his two daughters, Ruby and Molly, saying that they will not let him out of their sight due to his condition.

Phillip spoke about the affair with the younger colleague, saying the man was 20 years old when they first began any kind of sexual relationship.

He shared when the first moment happened, saying: "It was in my dressing room in 2017, it was a consensual moment, it was mutual. It was not a love affair, it was not a relationship, we were not boyfriends; we were mates."

It was also then confirmed by Phillip that more happened between the pair on about six occasions.

The former Dancing On Ice host said he hadn't lied to protect his career, but because the young man did not want his name in the public domain.

Phillip added that the lie simply got too much for them both and it "had to stop."

Phillip said he'd sent a text to his former co-host, Holly Willoughby, but she hadn't replied to him.

He said: "I WhatsApped her on the day I put out the statement. I said that you don't have to reply, you probably can't, but I want to say I'm desperately, desperately sorry."


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