Phillip Schofield heartbreak: Confession on ‘memories lost’ by Piers Morgan amid row

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The ‘This Morning’ presenter opened up in ‘Life’s What You Make It’, which details his relationships with friends, family – and other colleagues. The book, which was released at the same time as Piers’ own book ‘Wake Up: Why the ‘Liberal’ War on Free Speech is Even More Dangerous Than COVID-19′, and also reflects on the 58-year-old’s decision to come out as gay on national television earlier this year. But in one bombshell confession, Phillip admitted to being “furious” with Piers after the ‘Good Morning Britain’ host had written a biography on him.

The row became so bitter, the pair refused to speak to each other, before the feud ended months later.

Recalling the moment that sparked the dispute, Phillip detailed that Piers had asked for “memorabilia” after the former Daily Mirror editor wanted to write a series of reports on the star.

Phillip wrote: “As I think I’ve said, I save everything, so interesting bits and pieces were hunted down then sent to Piers. Nothing appeared in the paper.

“I was worried he may have lost all my mementos. We asked for them back. Nothing.”

Phillip explained that his belongings arrived “unannounced… safely back in the office” but what followed saw the argument between the two erupt.

He continued: “A few weeks later, the unofficial biography he’d written about me, including all the stuff I’d sent him, appeared on the bookshelves.

“I was furious. Not so much that he had written the book, but that he had deceived me.

“We didn’t speak for a long time. There were awkward moments: once, the two us were in a lift for what felt like an endless descent.”

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But after the pair appeared on set for TV show ‘Test the Nation’, Phillip realised “how stupid this feud was”, adding: “I was angry, and he’d actually been flattering and kind in the biography (although utterly deceitful).

“It was time to make up. He was nervous when I walked over. ‘Enough,’ I said, and I shook his hand. We’ve been fine ever since.

“Lunch with Piers is always riddled with gossip. The book he wrote was called ‘To Dream A Dream’.

“It’s actually not a bad read, and mostly accurate.”

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Since then, the pair have been complimentary of one another, with Piers highlighting Phillip’s bravery in coming out as gay this year.

Phillip shocked the nation with his on-screen announcement, which led to an outpouring of goodwill to the star.

After he confirmed his sexuality, Piers said that “it takes pretty extraordinary guys” to come out on television, adding: “It must have been a tough experience.”

Phillip Schofield’s Life’s What You Make It was published by Penguin Book and is available here.

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