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List of The 30 Most Gifting Celebrities, How theyre connected with the Gertz-Foundation. Name of the month, December, List of The 30 Most Gifting Celebrities:Name of the month, December, 1.

According to The Giving Back Funds website:We created the CCFI to shed light on those who give the most and are most generous to their community when it comes to charitable giving. CCFI seeks to identify the most generous celebrities based on their total giving to various causes in 2011, which includes the movies they made with their own money, the charities they support and for which they served as an ambassador. We also look at giving by celebrities on a worldwide level, they add. Each countrys CCFI is scored out of 100 and their average score is used to produce the worldwide average. In addition to the film companies mentioned above, Lloyd is the fourth-most generous Hollywood celebrity, tied with George Clooney and behind actors Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper and Robert Redford Here are the top ten celebrities giving the most to charity in 2011, the total donation count is provided in parentheses in parentheses, :1.

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philanthropist celebrities