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A few years ago a group of us, me, a mate and another mate, were planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia. This trip was going to be a great family trip, I was only going as a friend of a mate. A few months in preparation later I was sitting in a taxi in the airport in Bali, we were about to take off and I saw a couple being sat next to each other. Their eyes locked on me and I knew we were going. We drove to the resort and entered the villa together. I knew they were a couple when I saw their ring on each others fingers and it was the same on their hand and arm. We spent an hour or so chatting and just spending time. A few weeks had passed and they were still together and it was obvious they were happy, but I knew they were going to get married soon so I decided not to get involved too much. I didnt tell my mates, because I knew my mates were a bit clingy sometimes so I figured this would be ok. I then left the resort to catch a ferry to Cilacap where I was to catch a plane to Brisbane. On the ferry to Cilacap, I heard some noise in the ship and went to investigate. I found 4 men, 4, lying in the hold and they seemed to be alive, but very dehydrated. I immediately called the lifeboats and the boat that was closest was called over and they were directed to the men. I didnt tell them the men were dead though because I didnt think I should bother. Then a few minutes later a lifeboat picked up a girl from the boat I had directed and she had been in the boat with the men on the cruise and seemed to be ok. I then went off to find the cruise master who was also on the boat and he came over too. As I told him what Id found I realised I should really tell him what Id found. At this stage Id already thought about contacting the nearest police station or even the coast guard, but as I did I realised I didnt really know what I was going to say. I decided to go to the police station and ask them. I did so and they were of course very supportive. They told me my ship had just arrived where they were doing their usual checks on the crew and it turned out to be the cruise ship, which had just been docked in Cilacap the previous day. I was taken to the police station and they were pretty much at a loss as to how I was going to get justice, and they didnt really have the resources to do it. As the holidays were winding down and my holiday was.

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