People You Probably Didnt Realize Have Butt Chins…

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S had one too many marshmallows. S kind of odd that she seems to really like you, but there you are, with the friendly smiles and the friendly chatter. And then, the smiles start getting less friendly. After a couple days of driving, driving, driving. You just want to lay down and sleep for a little while. You hear a voice call out to you from behind you. What are you doing out so late at night. You turn off the car to make your point and then you just let her say it herself. T you want me to drive you to the bus stop. You say as you climb out of the car. You put your arm around her and pull her in closer to you. She gives a soft smile, then gives your hand a squeeze and kisses you on the lips. Eventually you get off at home, and see her on the couch with her eyes closed and her.

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