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This article will be updated as more information becomes available. TinaNguyen, on TwitterHave a tip we should know. ComFossil fuels are dirty and we need to stop using them. The world could run on solar, wind, geothermal, water, biofuels and on and on. However, the big energy companies are lobbying hard to prevent us from having the technology we need to avoid using their fuel. Its time to use your clout to fight them. In this game, you can: Fight for renewable energy, and other clean energy Save the world by keeping our energy costs low Create a Solar System of energy-saving planets Build and own a space-ship and try to escape the solar system. With this game, you can: Save money to invest in the future of renewables Learn about the ways renewable energy works Be entertained by silly games that teach you about energy Build and discover a huge variety of planets and planetside systems Enjoy a large variety of games and puzzles Save money so you can invest in renewable energy Enjoy a variety of relaxing musicThe latest report from the U. Energy Information Administration, EIA, shows that coal is once again the number one fuel for electricity generation in the U. While wind is still growing in popularity, natural gas is gaining in usage. In many states and at some levels, natural gas is displacing coal for electricity generation and in places like Mississippi. Energy Information Administration and EIA Electricity Data the EIA explains that in 2014, coal used for electricity generation was at its smallest since 2007. While natural gas became the second largest source of electricity generation, it is still only displacing natural gas from its position as the number one fuel. In fact, the EIA estimates that by 2020 it will be only displacing coal once again. In the last year or so, solar has been growing in popularity a lot faster than anyone thought it would. First, solar has very little emissions when compared to coal. It doesnt require vast amounts of land and while it isnt as efficient as a wind turbine or as efficient as a solar photovoltaic installation, it still doesnt have the emissions of coal. On the other hand, natural gas is growing really fast and a decline in gas prices has caused it to become cheap. This is really a good thing for the world because it will drive a big decrease in coal use around the world leading up to the climate crisis.

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