‘People are really concerned’ Queen feeling ‘uncomfortable’ amid health woes claims Lady C

Royal family are helping keep Queen Elizabeth young says expert

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Queen Elizabeth II, 95, spent a night in hospital on October 22 for preliminary medical checks and shortly returned back to her home at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace has said. However, her overnight stay sparked concern amongst royal watchers and supporters, as they feared for the state of her health.

The Queen also cancelled a visit to Northern Ireland two weeks ago.

She was given medical advice to rest for a few days after a busy schedule of public engagements.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Everybody sends Her Majesty our very very best wishes”.

He added he was “given to understand that actually, Her Majesty is characteristically back at her desk at Windsor as we speak”.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said at the time: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

The Queen travelled by car to the King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone, about 19 miles (32km) from Windsor, where she was seen by specialists. Her admittance was understood to not be related to coronavirus.

The overnight stay was said to be for practical reasons, and the Queen was undertaking light duties back at Windsor the following day after being discharged.

It is the first time the Queen has stayed in hospital since 2013, when she suffered symptoms of gastroenteritis.

In her latest YouTube video, Lady Colin Campbell, 77, addressed the latest developments on the Queen’s wellbeing, she said: “People are really concerned about the Queen’s health, because the Queen is 95 and she is our beloved sovereign, having earned our regard, she didn’t get it without earning it.”

The royal author claimed to know the cause of the Queen’s ill health and said it was a “very mundane” issue.

She continued: “I know what was wrong with her, let me put it this way, I’m going to dance around the issue if you don’t mind. I will indicate as opposed to state, because everybody is entitled to the seventh veil and it’s very mundane, and almost embarrassing!

“It is not a serious health problem, but it is extremely uncomfortable. A courtier told me the Queen had been staying up late watching too much TV and eating junk food,” she claimed.

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Lady Colin claimed the Queen has been “paying the price” for her less than satisfactory diet and that is why she had not been her usual high-functioning self.

She added: “There is a price to pay and she has been paying the price because her eating habits have not been conducive to the elementary function of any human body if you relax a little bit too much in terms of your diet. 

“It’s not that she is eating unhealthily so much as she eats junk food at times, so do I, I have got to tell you,” she added.

Some members of the public were also less than happy with Buckingham Palace’s decision to keep details of the Queen’s health limited in their public statement.

However, royal correspondent Sarah Campbell said it’s important to remember the Queen’s age and also her right to privacy.

Writing for the BBC, she said: ”Despite looking very well and happy at the numerous events she has attended over the past week, it cannot be forgotten that she is 95 years old.

“It is a tricky balance for the palace to release enough details about the Queen’s health to keep the public informed while maintaining the privacy to which she is entitled.

“It was for this reason that the news that she had been taken to hospital for tests was not announced until a report on the Sun newspaper’s front page forced the palace’s hand.

“People will be concerned, but the reassuring guidance remains that she is in ‘good spirits’ on her return from hospital and is well enough to undertake some light duties.”

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