Paparazzi take photo shots of Celebrities wearing leggings…

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Youre not a celebrity, so you dont wear leggings. You dont consider yourself a celebrity; you consider yourselves to be the type of people who wear pants. Theyre not just for running around in, and they dont just make people think youre a slut. If anything, they make people think youre a proper young lady. But they dont make the person think theyre a slut or a proper young lady. Well, sure, you could say theyre the antithesis of both of those things. But youre not wearing sexy lingerie under them. And if you really find them to be more comfortable, its because theyre not designed for your body. If my mom wore leggings, would she be fired. And that type of clothing should be banned entirely, not worn on certain occasions. Why isnt there an option to wear leggings under my clothing options. So, if I understand you correctly, youre saying that I should make clothing thats specifically designed for men and women. You know, like clothes specifically designed for hot and sexy women. And dont think Im not to familiar with the concept. Im sure if I had more time, I could have created something that was specifically designed for women, but I really didnt have that much time to dedicate to that. I was trying to create clothes that were designed for hot, sexy women, just like you said. It was so successful that men wanted to wear it, despite the fact that it was. There were other lines you designed. It was for people who were socially awkward, or just uncomfortable socially. Why would socially awkward people want to wear something that was specifically designed to make them more comfortable.

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