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S friend Tina is actually much cuter than Julie. Re still in shock over everything happening. M not going to do anything until I give you some fucking permission. Re married to each other, we can do anything.

You ask as the vehicle pulls out of your driveway. This is where you lived before you moved out. And where we lived before you were even born. So it was just a coincidence that this little community of ours was built next to this old abandoned farmhouse that you were living in at the time. Eh, I would guess it was more of a geographical overlap. S already being used as a tourist attraction. Not like the town was really all that populated back then. T know, maybe the small townbig attraction relationship is how you pictured your life in general. But you know, there was one thing that was kind of bugging me about living in this little community. Ve all got our little quirks. S just how we like to play, well actually I do anyway. T really shown any interest in the ladies yet.

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