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Image: Image of GZM, The Pansexual Guide to SexThis is your final answer, we know it, we saw the evidence, and you were right about that GZM. But were not going to believe you. Youre a TransvestiteHey Im just sayin, you never made a big deal about it. Youre a Man who thinks hes a WomanThere might be some truth to that, but that doesnt necessarily make you a woman either. Yeah, youre certainly not a man pretending to be a woman. Yeah, youve never been caught cheating, nor would you do that if you had the chance. You say youre a Pansexual, but you havent actually identified as such. Youre a HeterosexualYeah, your sexual preferences are decidedly, or heteronormatively, heterosexual. Ahem, yeah you do, but you havent actually identified that way. The thing is, youre not exactly sure what you are. Youve been thinking about the matter for a while and it feels strange to just come out as pansexual before youve actually gone and done it. Youve actually decided to come out as pansexual to people you know more than anyone else. There were a few people who were receptive to this decision, but some people thought you were either going to come out as pansexual or as gay. People thought that you were going to come out right in time for Pride and get yourself arrested or worse. People have been calling you a pansexual at every opportunity they can and theyll probably go get it on with someone who thinks theyre pansexual. Theyll be telling people to go fuck themselves. Then again, you figure people have always figured you out pretty quickly anyway. Youre a HomosexualYeah, youre definitely a man who thinks hes a woman. Nah, youve never identified as queer either. Youre a TransvestiteTheres a reason why people think youre just a crossdresser. Some people just have a natural affinity for dressing up as the opposite sex, youve been doing it since you were a kid. You even took a shitload of those damn little girls costumes as a kid. You also have a crush on a girl who likes dressing up. Youve never identified as cisgender and you have an affinity for dressing in drag.

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