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Paleo was just a fad when I first embraced it, and Im not going to start embracing it now, you sigh. Im not turning pale, Im just not eating any of that non-paleo food. You see the mans name tag and quickly take the opportunity to go up and put in your name before he can. You see that he has a good amount of extra pockets, so youll probably be able to find a few things in there. You enter the malls food court, but before you can even walk ten feet, you hear a shout from behind you. You turn around, only to find a woman crouching in the corner of the food court. I thought you were supposed to be eating, you grumble. Yeah, well I was, but now Im not. With that, the woman walks over to you and snatches up your bag. I didnt realize you were a restaurant until just now, you say. Im sure youll find another place more convenient to your tastes by the time were done with it, the woman says. At this point, youre exhausted, hungry, and feel a little weird about everything. I think my friend is the same way, the woman says. Yeah, well we dont have much time. We should walk over to the Subway, you say walking away. Ill walk with you and ask for something to eat when we get to the Subway, the woman says. I didnt realize you were so chatty. Im not in the mood to deal with your bullshit right now. You start to leave, but suddenly you stop. The woman seems surprised by your question, but she says nothing and just continues to follow. Well, Ive tried it, and it doesnt really feel like youre missing.

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