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The ListThere were at least two lists of famous people who have lost their virginity first, and who waited until marriage to have sexual relations with others: The first one was compiled by a man named Charles Taze Russell, who was a psychiatrist and famous for his book Mind and Body. Russell was an expert on human sexuality and had also written several papers on pornography as well as another book, titled Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Among the famous people who lost their virginity first were:The last one was a compilation of famous people whose first names ended with -ette. The first of them was the famous actress Marlene Dietrich and the second one, an obscure person called Helen Clark. Both of them had their first sexual experiences with other people in their thirties, but had not yet married each other:These lists could have been a great help, if you hadnt just read that it had been two hundred years since the Roman historian Pliny the Elder had written a book on the topic of human sexuality. In those times, there was no special class that could teach you more about it than a doctor, a lawyer or a scientist. You didnt have any chance to ask your parents, and your older sister, to read to you the books, but you had to get your hands on some of them, if you wanted to be better informed on this topic. So you knew that you had to start by reading the one book that would definitely help you. You quickly went through the books in your bedroom: It was a big, heavy thick book, with leather bindings and illustrations of naked people. You saw a lot of other young people, all young men and women, reading these books. There were several titles on the list, but you didnt recognize any of them. A voice suddenly interrupted you: it came from in your room. Im not reading any of these books. Sure, dont you see theyre all the same shit. Weve been taught the same shit since we were little. The only difference between any of these books, is the title, and I dont even want to read your name. After you had done so, you told her: It doesnt matter. Im going to go to the kitchen and get the water.

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celebrities who lost their virginity