Other famous women with widows peaks include Blake Lively, Brooke …

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You get on the busThe bus departs from the mall, and heads to the area where many of those who had died recently live. The bus stops, and you and hundreds of others jump off, leaving the mall and the world behind. You and the other people are led to a small cottage off to the side of the road, inside of which a little old woman is sitting by a fire. Her hands are clasping a wooden stick, and she looks very uncomfortable. A man, who looks to be in his forties, gets out of the front of the bus and walks up to the old lady. Hello, and thanks for all your help, the man says. I used to live with my husband in a house in the suburbs, but he lost his job. He died, and I need to go somewhere and sell my things. I dont want to go back there, because I lost a lot of money there. Will you tell me all youve got for sale. I havent been selling anything at all, Louise replies. I lost my job, so Ive been living in this tent in the backyard of my friends house. Ive been selling just junk on the street here and there, and my only possessions are these two old boots and this tent. I dont want to leave, because I really miss my house and my neighbors. I really dont want to go back there. Bobby walks away, and you and Louise stay silent. A few moments later, Bobby returns, and he begins his speech. You say Good luck with your house saleYoure the lucky one, he says, looking at you with a smile. He goes on to tell you that hell give you some free advice about how to deal with your problems, if youll just give him a ride home after youve sold the things you have for sale. You walk up to the house, and open the door.

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