Other famous people that live in Austin are Mike Judge, who created Silicon Valley, …

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Other famous people that live in Austin are Willie Nelson, Ricky Martin, Chris Rock, John Legend, Chris Brown,and George Strait. Other famous people who live in Houston are Molly Ivins,and Larry King. You wake up from your fantasy and go for a walk. You feel the need to explore the city, so you go to the movies. You see a movie for the first time, in person, in a movie theatre for the first time. You havent had that feeling since you saw the movie Groundhog Day. You realize that youve lived some amazing times. A strange sound coming from the apartment breaks the silence: its some kind of voice, singing. How many times do I have to tell you, darling. Onlookers are awestruck, and a couple of them ask you for the song. You recognize it from the movie and from the song list from your favorite song-list-website:, There is something very familiar about the song, almost like a lullaby. You dont know what it means, you just know it is very sweet, and really soothingThe songs author, a beautiful dark-skinned female, is suddenly all alone with you in her apartment, and she is your lover. Ive been watching you, she says solemnly. Ive been looking at you for a very long time. Ive been waiting for you to come back to me. You are so surprised you hardly recognize her, but then it comes to you. You recall what happened in her apartment when you first got in and you also remember the first moments you had with her. Ive been watching you for some time now. Before you can reply, she is gone, leaving you by yourself. You are so shocked that you almost fall off the couch. A moment later, you are doing what you were trained to do in real-life: you turn on the TV and watch a movie. While youre reading the movies plot, a TV in the next room goes blank. At first, you think its broken, but then you realize the power.

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celebrities who live in austin