Other celebrity smokers include Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik…

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Heres a full list of the 15 Most-Smoked Actresses. More Celebrities You Probably Did Not Know Are Smokers. Cats run all over the place, theyve got a taste for sweet things, they eat things that humans should never let cats eat, and their tails are always wagging. Cats are not just any breed of cat though, they are the only breed allowed on board a Savage World ship. Thats right, if youre going to have a crew, you need to have at least one feline inhabitant onboard. However, there are a few breeds that are simply not allowed aboard. There is the Shrew, the Leper, and the Corgi, and they just so happen to be the only three breeds with tails that arent allowed aboard a ship. They are not allowed aboard the Savage World Ship because of their short tail, and the only thing that prevents them from being forced from it is the fact that they cant swim very well, so they just leave the ship and go off on their own. They have no desire to be around cats, because they dont get along with them. Sneaky cats will try to convince you to take one, and if you refuse, theyll just try to sneak around and get aboard anyway. You keep Cats for Savage WorldsYou have a crew of twenty-four, and you have decided to keep your felines aboard the vessel so that your crew has at least one breed that they can get along with. You have a crew that gets along well with each other and the cats dont really cause any problems, but you have to make a choice.

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