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The office is open during the business time and the parking spot is on street level. M just calling to let you know that whoever is calling me is probably a weirdo. You hang up without answering anyway. T particularly like where your mind is leading you right now. You decide to go do something else to break up the monotony of your life. The next thing you do is go have a couple of drinks and go to bed. Re alone in your room again, and you take one of your rifles out of the cabinet and set it up in the corner by the bed. You take your bottle of scotch and drink half of it and then you take a smoke. You take the bottle out of the cabinet and drop it in the garbage can near your bed. You sit there and smoke for a while, getting the same feeling you got when you left the Shepherd in the basement. Eventually the feeling goes away and you try to shake it off. You start going over all the information you found on the Shepherd and how all of this fits together. You decide to call the phone company and see if they could find out anything about the Shepherd. Yes, this is Richard Shepherd calling from the number that was given to you.

Information about Autopsy celebrities

autopsy celebrities