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Newport Beach, Californion, Home of RobertThe episode is a bit disappointing, as its a bit predictable that someone will eventually mention the fact that one of these celebrity homes are owned by Robert Englund. The shows producers are probably hoping that if they dont address that they wont draw a bigger laugh. The joke at least is a pretty good one; however, the rest of the segment is pretty bad, as its just a compilation of people mentioning their lifestyles in Laguna Beach. The real Laguna BeachThe real Laguna Beach is a tourist trap populated by tourists, and is a far cry from the exotic locale its made out to be on the show. This is evident by the fact that all these celebrities can afford to buy such exotic locations, which makes the show an insult to the Laguna Beach communitys intelligence. The shows hosts are really trying to make a point that theyre all so rich, but theyre doing it in a completely false fashion. Laguna Beach is a place where the rich and the poor live and play together, and where a successful actor lives and is not a celebrity Sarcasm, Thats the reason why celebrities, politicians or any kind of rich people live in Laguna Beach. The fact that theyre all millionaires and live in affluent neighborhoods with large families is just a coincidence. For those of us who are struggling, we can only dream about such a situation and live in a place where one day in a million people might see our pictures from the show. For further information, you might want to read Robert C. Love, Ed1 Were just here to be a part of your show. Youre a big star and youve got these huge houses to protect, not have security guards protecting you. 3 The best way to protect is to protect yourself. 4 Yeah, and the way to do that is to keep your real address.

Article about Celebrities that live in laguna beach

celebrities that live in laguna beach