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Why Arent There Any Celebrities Running For Lieutenant Governor. This is really a hard question to answer, and many reasons why. Some celebrities run for office because they want to, others run because they can, and some just run for attention. If a celebrity is running for another office they are most likely running to improve their visibility and standing within that particular field; or the celebrity is running to gain notoriety or gain something else of value. The most popular reason celebrities run for office is to get a celebrity or even another celebritys endorsement. This is usually to promote their own work, such as music, film, etc. Celebrities are also sometimes asked to appear on television shows as a guest, as a means of promoting their work, this means your show too I think The celebrities most often run in order to gain more money because they need to pay for their own air time. If a celebrity is hoping to gain a better status on television or even radio, they can use this as an opportunity to sell more tickets or radio air time to improve his or her popularity. Celebrities will also use this as a way to promote their own music and events. Consequently, there are also other reasons why celebrities run for political office. These include:1, They have a personal reason and need to get noticed2, They feel it is a long-shot, but they feel they need to run. T get the job, or whatever else, and will never be popular. T run they will lose, their, job, or whatever else5, They are scared of the opposing party. There can be as many reasons as you can think of. S okay though, its part of their career. Another reason why celebrities run for office is to promote their careers. This can be the desire to get a better deal to work in their chosen industry or simply to promote themselves.

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